The centre of Siberia. The south of Krasnoyarsk region. Wonderful places where the Eastern Sayans blend with the taiga.
The Land of Siberia… hidden, mysterious, unknown, it seems like it has been protected by some special force of destiny. Ancient legend says that here, long ago, the first people lived, who called themselves Aries. In the course of time they spread out all over the Earth to give birth of the Human race. But at the end of time they are predestined by the Great God to come back here to complete the plan of the Most High.
The Lake of Tiberkul (in the local dialect “Devine Lake”) is the pearl of this place. People tell that its waters sometimes become white coloured.
It is supposed that just here, in the region of Lake Tiberkul and the mountain Suchaya (in the local dialect “Suchaya” – “Holly Mountain”), the Heart of the Earth is located. As a proof of this, on the tip of the peak of the mountain Suchaya, an astonishing stone shaped like an opened human heart was discovered. This stone is called the “Heart-Stone”.
Many adepts have searched for the magic stone “Heart” – could it be that it points out the place predestined to mark the joining of all paths in the search of the Human Spirit?..
And on the peak of the “Holly Mountain” another even more astonishing stone in the shape of sleeping bear was found. The legends handed down to us tell about the bear-guardian of the Mountain.
For very long time, this place has been considered holy and the tradition of our ancestors forbode the hunting here.

The region of settlement of Vissarion's followers.
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Albert Urman - Abakan;
Anatoliy Simkin - S.Peterburg;
Vadim Glinskiy- Kuragino

Valeriy Bekeshin - Gulyaevka;

Vesselin Daov - Cheremshanka;

Vladimir Lyssenko - Roshinskoe;
Inna Falko - Jerbatiha;
Oleg Buharov - Cheremshanka.


Inessa Kolcheva


Dmitriy Wassilieff,
Vesselin Daov.