Community of Vissarion in Siberia

Last Testament

The Last Testament has been given to bring about the salvation of those children who are able to pass through the Gates of the Kingdom of God. These are people striving to join together so that in one impulse they can infinitely give the warmth of their soul to the surrounding world, and can feel the pain of Mother Earth…


Once you were told that the Kingdom of Heaven is like baking yeast, which the woman put in three measures of dough until it leavened.
This is the mystery of the three Testaments, which are meant to lead the children of God to the Kingdom of Heaven: the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Last Testament. They reveal the secrets of Hope, Faith and Love respectively.”

(Pre-announcement: 1,2,122,127,128,131-133)

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  • "Last Testament", oil on canvas, Vissarion
  • “The time has come when you need to realize the need to take the first step along the path leading to the True Perfection of humankind. This time is a great time indeed. For it will lead you either to an unprecedented upsurge or to an unprecedented downfall…


    The Last Testament is given to you at a critical moment in your development. It is given in order to accomplish the Great and Holy Unification of all existing religions.