Community of Vissarion in Siberia


 Mountain… City… – this is a symbol, the symbol of the Future, a symbol of the formation of a new civilization. This Holy Place is being built for the world, for all of mankind.
Taiga… Swamps… Places untouched by human hands… Work from morning to night… One after another… There is work on the field… The soil is over rocks… Work with heavy hoes… Every piece of ground is freed from rhizomes, processed with love and fertilized with the silt from the swamps…


“Life in the Abode of Dawn is one of labour devoted every day to the spiritual revival, which is undoubtedly occurring here. Essentially, the life here could be called an everyday act of heroism…
Now I am quite sure that this is the place where a new society is growing, where there will not be wars, violence, deceit, hatred, envy and other vices. To put it briefly, what has been considered Utopia for a long time now is coming true in the community of Vissarion”.

Andrei Marjushin from the town of Tutaeva,
having gone two times to the Abode of Dawn.
  • Circle of Unity at the centre of Abode of Dawn
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  • Priests of the Church:
    Sergei Chevalkov (top),
    Andrei Solovyov (bottom)