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    Thousands of years have passed. Now, in the Land of Siberia (South of Krasnoyarsk Region), an astonishing new world has been prepared by God. A wonderful happy life is being born on the laws of Harmony, Love, Goodness. It is amazing and precious that people, gathered from almost all the world, are learning to understand each other, to devote themselves to the others in a spirit of peace and joy.
    The Teacher of this new life of Spiritual Growth and Blossoming is Vissarion – the living Word of God. His Essence – to give life - reveals not only in the scriptures of the “Last Testament”, creating revolution in the thinking, relationships and the everyday life of people. It is also aimed to demonstrate in practice the boundless potential for spiritual development to those having taken His Word in their hearts.
    On 18th August 1991 for the first time the Word of Vissarion sounded publicly – the Pre-announcement, which spread to many Russian towns and abroad. For more than ten years every stroke of “Last Testament” has been carefully studied and compared in details with many other scriptures.

  • After the Address on
    the holiday of 18 August 2002.
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    The doctrine of Vissarion is gaining more and more acceptance in the world of science and is seen as complete, logical and morally pure concept. This doctrine is precious, for it makes sense of all human spiritual achievements and helps to disentangle the confusion of our understanding of God and human beings, of the Creator of Universe (the Absolute, the Single) and our Heavenly Father - the source of Love and Creator of human souls.
    According to the Doctrine, the essence of human beings is in their spiritual development, the exercise of love, humanity and joy of life. In contrast to the material world, the spiritual tissue is immortal; it is going to live on the Earth and in the Universe eternally… warming them with the warmth of the human souls, enriching them by the amazing laws of Love.