Community of Vissarion in Siberia


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    The life path of Vissarion, at first sight, resembles the path of a common person.
    He was born in the suburbs of Krasnodar on 14 January 1961 in the family of builders. At the age of 7, together with his parents, he moved to Siberia. Moving from town to town the family stopped in Minusinsk, where Vissarion graduated. After that He did compulsory military service in the building corps and occupied different professional positions. He entered different circles of the human society so that He could bring his Word closely to everyone after that. That let Him become acquainted with the inner world of human beings and the different aspects of their lifes. He had to get to know what earthly love, family, giving birth to children and their education is.
    The highest stage of His earthly activity was art. Having never studied painting, Vissarion created a series of canvases called “Human Virtues and Vices”.
    In May 1990 the ‘veil’ which had been temporarily hiding His the connection with the Highest, was lifted from Vissarion's eyes. Finally He realized who he actually is… The first contacts of theTeacher began in March 1991. Since that moment the Word has been walking on the Earth…
    Vissarion has become for his followers the Teacher of Love. By devoting himself to the others, He tells them and shows in practice that human beinga are created to bring out into the world the love, goodness, charity and compassion.
    “From now on you must become incapable of bringing coldness. You have no right to even think badly of someone – no matter when, under what conditions, or under what banner”.
    These are the essential words of the Vissarion’s Doctrine. They firstly touched the hearts of a few people, then hundreds and thousands people started becoming His followers. Many of them began gathering in Siberia.

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