Community of Vissarion in Siberia

Work life

  • Clay treatment in Gulyaevka
  • Rye threshing in Cheremshanka
  • The settlers strive to use machines minimally and to use their hand and horses maximally so that the harm to Mother Earth as little as possible.
  • "Praised be the hands that sow the bread..."
  • The first followers of the Vissarion’s Doctrine appeared in Minusinsk in 1992 and since 1993 the Community has been growing.
    From that moment this place was given the name “Promised Land”. It was chosen for the arduous building of the Future.
    The major reason for the people to come here is the aspiration to build the model of future society, i.e. a life together where the words do not differ from activities, where the spiritual and moral ideals and principles laid in human being by God and educated in the school, the books and the high culture are embodied.
    The building of a United human Family is the prime aim of the Community. An important principle of the Family is: there cannot be people without food and education. But the foremost is – the new relationships can be build on the basis of working together, of love and understanding for each other, free from greed, fear, envy and self-interest.
    Building new life with new relationships, the followers of Vissarion strive above all to change themselves, to become purer and better. It is just what Vissarion teaches, saying: “To build something, to build houses - even more to think about building temples - first try to build the relationships between each other. If you manage that, then the temples will be built on this land. If you do not manage – let’s go away”.