Community of Vissarion in Siberia


  • Jesus with horse. Abode of Dawn
  • During the children education, there is a harmonious blending of the general classes with the practical lessons on arts and crafts. It is intended that the boys should grow to become masters but not warriors and the girls should be good, smart housekeepers.

    The pedagogues and educators in the community schools strive to suppress the spirit of competition between children. The major point is that the children grow without aggression, fear, hatred and deception.

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  • Joy. Cheremshanka
  • Every fourth child is examined in a general school. At graduation, taking their diploma, the children choose their way in life on their own, i.e. they have a complete freedom of choice where to go on. In the villages of the Community there are regular youth camp-meetings on different themes and every month there are seminars on education. At the meetings, the children get to know each other, share their creativity and most importantly – learn to live like one family.