Community of Vissarion in Siberia


  • Symbol of Faith. Abode of Dawn
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  • Going up to the Heavenly Abode
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    In the second half of 1994 an initiative group of Vissarion’s followers suggested establishing econosphere settlement near Lake of Tiberkul . The aim of the new settlers is to learn to live on the Earth without harming it, without destroying the ecological balance. That means to replace the consumer attitude to the Nature with tender cooperation. In 1997 the econosphere settlement “Tiberkul” became a member of the international Social-Ecological Association.
    The settlement is located on 250 hectares and has three stages: Abode of Dawn (the City) – Heavenly Abode – Temple Peak.
    23rd July 1995 the future City was consecrated by Vissarion. It was named different ways: Sun City, City of Masters, the New Jerusalem. In August 1998 the settlement on the Mountain took its official name “Abode of Dawn”.

  • Plan of the Abode of Dawn 
    (Ecopolis "Tibercul")
  • House of Teacher
    Heavenly Abode