Community of Vissarion in Siberia


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  • Altar of Earth. Temple Peak
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    From the city centre, 14 streets radiate out like rays, every one of which has a whimsical name: "Milky Way", "Sunny Winds", "Emerald Dew", "Crystal Gate", "Shimmering Secrets", "Children's Fantasy", "Naughty Rain", etc. Around city centre, in circles, there will be built schools, workshops of folk handicrafts, and then the living area with the vegetable and flower gardens as well as the children's playgrounds.

    The "Heavenly Abode" is spread out above the City. The house of Teacher is there and the houses of five of his disciples there.

    The beginning of 1998 is marked with a great Event: on the Temple Peak the Temple "Altar of Earth" was erected – a symbol of the great Time, the Time when the future human race is coming to existence. Inside the Temple, on a marble "pedestal", a bronze sculpture ("Symbol of Love") has been erected, representing five angels reaching for the Bethlehem Star on high. The fundament of the "Alter of Earth" is the stone "Bear", found in July 1996 just under the surface of the ground, right in the centre of the temple site.

    In January 1998 in the City Centre the "Symbol of Faith" was established.

  • Belfry in Heavenly Abode
  • Symbol of Love