Community of Vissarion in Siberia


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On the 3rd March 1995 in the village of Gulyaevka Vissarion consecrated the first chapel, erected by young builders of Promised Land. Teacher called this day the Day of Joy.


Let this wonderful day be glorious, for this is a great omen in your life, when by the labour of your hands a stone of greatest solidity has being built, which cannot be destroyed by unworthy deeds… Celebrate your paths with great milestones, made for the Glory of God! As only by your hands the Name of the Father can be glorified !” – the Teacher said after the consecration of the chapel.


In 1996 Vissarion consecrated the House of Prayer in Cheremshanka, where there is a belfry with 17 bells and daily morning services.

  • Chapel in Gulyaevka
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